LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

UNSW aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for students, staff and visitors. We understand LGBTIQ+ people continue to face challenges in society that their non-LGBTIQ+ equivalents may not experience. We hope you can feel confident and loved to be your full self here. 

The Ally@UNSW Network aims to ensure UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all LGBTIQ students and staff. 

Students can contact any trained Ally, member, such as Dr Bridget Haire, to have an impartial and confidential conversation about LGBTIQ+ matters.

At UNSW we believe education can shape attitudes and behaviours and make our community a better place. We offer free inclusiveness training for staff and students.  

Transgender students who seek support before, during or affirming gender may choose to speak to a Student Support Advisor who can assist with referrals to services both on and off campus. 

UNSW’s Ally Network offers support by trained staff and students. It aims to ensure UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for staff and students who identify as LGBTIQ.